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Visitors to the main museums section of may also be interested in viewing the following clubs. If you have details of a club you would like listed contact us via our email address. Equally, if the website address of your club has changed please notify us.

If you do not find the club which you are seeking it is worth trying the DVLA List of Vehicle Owners Clubs -

75 & GT Enthusiasts Club

A40 Farina Club

A40 Farina Club

Abarth Owners Club

AC Owners' Club

Aerial Owners’ Club

AJS & Matchless Owners Club

Alfa Romeo Owners' Club

Allard Owners' Club

Allegro Club International

Alvis Owner Club

American Auto Club UK

Ariel Motor Cycle Owners Club

Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club

Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC)

Association of Singer Car Owners

Aston Martin Owners Club

Audi Owners Club

Austin A30/A35 Owners Club

Austin Beach Car Register

Austin Big Seven Register

Austin Champ Owners Club

Austin Counties Car Club

Austin Healey Club

Austin Maxi Owners Club

Austin Sheerline & Princess Club

Austin Ten Drivers’ Club

Austrin Seven Club

Bean Car Club

Bedford Enthusiasts Club

Bentley Drivers Club

Berkeley Car Club -

Berkeley Enthusiasts Club - 01932-560160

BMW Car Club GB

BMW Group Classic

BMW Historic Motor Club

Bond Owner's Club

Boundless ( formerly CSMA ) - 0800 66 99 44

Bristol Owners Club

British Historic Kart Club

British Made Car Club

British Motor Vehicles Club

British Motorcycle Charitable Trust

British Trolleybus Society

Brough Superior Club

BSA Bantam Club

BSA Owners' Club

Bubblecar Museum - 01205 280037

Bugatti Owners Club

Bullnose Morris Club

Capri Club International

Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group - 07852 948868

Citroen Car Club

Citroen Special Club

Classic Corvette Club UK

Club Lotus

Club Peugeot

Club Triumph

Club Triumph (for all Triumph Cars)

Cotswold Classic Car Club

Crayford Convertible Car Club

Crossley Register


DAF Owners’ Club

Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club

Daimler SP 250 Owners Club

De Dion Bouton Club UK

De Lorean Owners Club (UK)

de Tomaso Drivers Club

Delage Register

Dellow Register

Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

Dormobile Owners' Club

Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles Built Before 1985 - Also on Facebook under Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles

Escort RS Cosworth Owners Club

Ex-Military Land Rover Assocn.

Fairthorpe Owners Club GB

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs - 01865 400845

Ferrari Owners Club GB

Fiat 500 Club

Fiat Motor Club (GB) & Fiat Panda Club

Fiesta Club of Great Britain

Fiesta Owners Club

Figaro Owners’ Club

Fire Service Preservation Group

Foden Society

Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club

Ford Capri Mk 1 Owners Club

Ford Classic & Capri Owners’ Club

Ford Corsair Owners Club

Ford Granada Nutz

Ford Mk 4 Zephyr Owners Club

Ford Y and C Model Register

Gilbern Owners Club - 07813 509114

Ginetta Owners Club

Gordon Keeble Owners Club

GT40 Enthusiasts Club

H & H Classic Vehicle Club

Harley-Davidson Riders Club of GB

Healey Drivers Club

Hillman Imp Owners Club

Hillman Owners' Club

Historic BMW Club

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club

Historic Rally Car Register

Historic Rally Car Register

Historic Sports Car Club

Honda NSX Owners Club

Humber Car Club

Humber Register

Imp Club

International Healey Weekend

Isetta Owners Club

Jaguar Drivers Club

Jaguar E type Club

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

Jensen Owners Club

Jowett Car Club

Jupiter Owners Auto Club

Karmann Ghia Owners Club

Lamborghini Club UK

Lanchester Owners Club

Lancia Motor Club

Land Rover Series 2 Club - 07761 708696

Land Rover Series One Club

Landcrab Owners Club International

Lea Francis Owners Club

Leyland Princess Club

London Vintage Taxi Association

Lotus Cortina Register

Lotus Drivers Club

Maestro & Montego Owners’ Club

Maestro Car Club

Marcos Owners Club

Maserati Club UK Ltd.

Matra Club- net

McClaren Owners Club

Meirion Classic Car Club

Mercedes-Benz Club

Metro Owners Club

MG Car Club

MG Factory tours

MG Octagon Car Club

MG Owners' Club

MGB Jubilee & L.E. Owners Club (J.U.L.E.)

Midget & Sprite Club

Military Vehicle Trust

Mini Cooper Register

Minor LCV Register

Model A Ford Club of GB

Model T Ford Register

Morgan Owners Club

Morgan Sports Car Club

Morgan Three Wheeler Club

Morris Commercial Club

Morris Commercial Club

Morris Marina Owners Club & Ital Register

Morris Minor Owners' Club - Tel. 01332 291675

Morris Register

Morris Register

Moto Guzzi Club GB

Motor Sports Association

MR2 Drivers Club

Mustang Owners Club of GB

MX-5 Owners Club

National Assn of Road Transport Museums c/o Museum of Transport, Manchester - 0161-205 2122.

National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club

National Steam Car Association

Naylor Car Club

NG Car Club

Nissan Figaro Owners Club

Norton Owners Club

Opel Manta Owners Club

P6 Rover Owners Club

Panther Car club

Peugeot Sports Car Club

Police Car UK

Porsche 924 Owners Club

Porsche Club GB

Post Vintage Humber Car Club

pre 1940 Morris Register

pre 1940 Triumph Motor Club

Pre War Austin 7 Club

Princess & Ambassador Owners' club

Quattro Owners Club

Railton Owners Club

Range Rover Register

Rapier Register

Register of Unusual Microcars

Reliant Kitten Register

Reliant Motor Club

Reliant Owners Club

Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club

Renault Classic Car Club

Renault Owners Club

Riley Motor Club

Riley Register

Riley RM Club

Rochdale Owners Club

Rolls Royce Enthusiasts club

Routemaster Association

Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club

Rover 75 and MG ZT owners club

Rover 800 Owners Club

Rover P4 Owners’ Club

Rover P5 Club

Rover Sports Register

Rover Sports Register

RS Owners Club

Saab Owners Club

Scimitar Owners Club

Scottish Kit Car Club - 0799 903 4483

Sentinel Drivers Club

Sentinel Drivers Club

Simca Club UK

Singer Car Owners Association

Singer Owners Club

Skoda Owners Club GB

Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Stag Owners Club

Standard Motor Club

Stearm Car Club of Great Britain

Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club

Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club

Sunbeam Rapier Club

Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register

Sunbearm Tiger Owners Club

Talbot Owners’ Club

Tatra Register UK

The 1100 Club

The 1100 club

The Crossley Register

The Deux Cheveux Club of GB

The Transport Trust - Tel. 020 7928 6464

Toyota Owners Club

TR Register

Traction Onwers Club ( Citroen )

Transit Van Club

Triumph Dolomite Club

Triumph Owners' Club (cars)

Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club

Triumph Razor Edge Owners’ Club

Triumph Roadster Club

Triumph Sports Six Club

Trojan Owners’ Club

TT Owner's club

TVR Club

UK Cobra Club

Vanden Plas Owners Club

Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association

Vauxhall Cresta Club

Vauxhall Owners Club

Vauxhall Viva Owners Club

Vauxhalll owners club 1903 - 1957 - 07947 536221

Veteran Car Club of GB - Tel. 01462-742818

Vincent HRD Owners Club

Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Vintage Sports Car Club - Tel. 01608 644 777

Volvo Enthusiasts Club

Volvo Owners' Club

Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK

Westfield Sports Car Cluib

Wolseley Owners Club

Wolseley Register

XJS Club

Zastava & Yugo Owners Club