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Charles Burrell Museum

This museum, housed in Burrells original paint shop, tells the story of the Charles Burrell Works – a Thetford business that once employed 350 people and supplied beautiful and reliable steam-powered engines throughout the world. Burrells built traction engines, agricultural machinery, steam trucks wagons and tram engines, thriving until the internal combustion engine took over from steam power. Displays include fine engines and agricultural machinery alongside recreations of parts of the original works such as the foundry and the machine shop.

Charles Burrell claimed that these engines could go where there were no proper roads and performed well on muddy fields where ordinary engines would get stuck. Today, three of Charles Burrell's engines stand proud in the original Burrell paint shop

The Museum opens seasonally and is currently closed until Sunday 1st April 2018 due to end of season

Norfolk is the area where the famous TV series, Dad’s Army, was filmed and members of the Dad’s Army Club regularly show Corporal Jones’s van - the original vehicle from the television series. 2018 is the 50th Anniversary of first episode of Dad’s Army.

Burrell Showman's Locomotive


IP24 1BN




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