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The Royal Signals Museum

From laying line, through to advanced, secure satellite, cyber and more, the Royal Signals Museum tells the exciting story of military communications and information from the Crimean War to the pesent day.

A valid photo ID (passport/driving licence/MoD90) is required by all adults 16+ for admission to the museum, no exceptions. Please contact the Museum ahead of any planned visit if you cannot provide photo ID for all adults.

The Museum in its new form was re-opened on 28th May 1997. Situated on Blandford Camp, a working military base, the museum is housed in an accessible, modern, air conditioned building. As you’d expected from a leading attraction there are many informative and educational exhibitions and interactive displays with fun trails for younger visitors.

Here is list of vehicles on display at the Museum:


Triumph Model H 1915 Triumph Model Tiger 70 1936 BSA Model M20 1938 Royal Enfield Model WD-RE 1942 Norton Model 16-H 1936 BSA Model M20 1938 Welbike 98cc (D-Day) BSA Model B40 (x2) 1965 Royal Enfield Model 1922 1922 Triumph Model TRW 1948 Triumph Model Saint 1966 Triumph Model Tiger 750 (white helmets) 1985-1999 Triumph Model Tiger 750 (white helmets) 2000-2017 Norton Model Interpol 2

Cars, trucks, armoured vehicle:

Austin 7 1931-1939 AEC Armoured Command Vehicle (WW2) Willys Jeep (WW2) 1940-1960 Landrover ½ ton air portable (light weight) Daimler Ferret mark 1/1 scout car 1952-1984 Banduagn BV 202 Snowcat 1962-1981 Landrover Pink Panther c.1960 Austin K9 1 ton box body 1953-1979 Saracen Armoured Command Vehicle 439-438 Ptarmigan


Royal Signals Museum
Blandford Camp
DT11 8RH



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