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29th January 2020


From today, Golden Arrow is on permanent display at the National Motor Museum in a presentation which also features its record-breaking stablemates the 1920 Sunbeam 350hp, 1927 Sunbeam 1,000hp and 1960 Bluebird CN7. This project The Golden Arrow – Shot from the Past, Aimed at the Future will complement the existing installation. Research on the museum’s collections will reveal untold stories of the car and those involved with it. Work began in January and will conclude in March 2022, with the refreshed display remaining on show.

The distinctive 1929 Golden Arrow was a wonder of its time. It was a harmonious blend of technology and design which paved the way for two decades of unbroken British record-breaking success. With Major Henry Segrave in the driving seat, pushing the boundaries of engineering and human endeavour to the limit, this arrow shattered its target and set a new Land Speed Record of 231.36mph.

National Motor Museum Director of Collections & Engagement Andrea Bishop said: “I am delighted that Arts Council England is supporting this project which delivers new learning opportunities for young people, a creative programme of craft sessions for adults and enhanced digital interaction in the museum.

Arts Council England South West Area Director Phil Gibby said: “We are delighted to support the National Motor Museum Trust through our Designation Development Fund, with thanks to the National Lottery.


Described as a Trip down Memory Lane the Ambergate Heritage Centre plans to open in the Peak District in Spring 2020. Part of the project would enable visitors to drive some exhibits along a fixed one mile track adjacent to the Centre. This would be called “Drive Dad’s Car”.

Website Great British Car Journey, Derwent Works, Ambergate, Derbyshire DE56 2HE Telephone: 07932 584088 :

1929 Irving Napier Special Golden Arrow
Henry Segrave at Daytona
Ambergate Heritage Motor Centre

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