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21st September 2021

VSCC welcomes post war sports cars

The Vintage Sports-Car Club - founded in 1934 - has voted to allow post-war road-going sports cars to its ranks for the first time in its history. A proposal to admit selected cars built before the end of 1955 was put to its 5500 members and passed with a large majority.

The Club organises some 40 events a year, including 4 race meetings, and 5 hill climbs and sprints, which until now predominantly featured pre-war cars. Cars from the post-war period, of a type that competed in period, to factory standard specification, also allowing light modifications made in period, and fitted with drum brakes, will now be invited to apply to compete in these events starting from the 2022 season.

It expects cars such as Jaguar XK120, Austin Healey 100M, and MG T-Types to feature, but all models fitting the stated parameters will be invited to apply. If accepted, owners will be required to join the Club to be able to compete.

The Club also runs a number of non-speed events, including driving tests and navigation rallies, and these too will now become open to these cars. In racing, it already allows certain pre-1961 single seater cars to compete, however these rules will also be relaxed to allow rear-engined cars of any capacity to compete.

Those with cars they wish to be considered for eligibility can find out more on the VSCC website (, and make initial enquiries with details of their cars to


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