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27th April 2016

BODMIN BROUGHS break World record price for a British Motor Cycle at auction in Stafford in April 2016.

"This is one of the greatest motorcycle discoveries of recent times," said Ben Walker, international director for Bonham's Collectors' Motorcycle Department. "A lot of mystery surrounds these motorcycles, as very few people knew that they still existed, many believing them to be an urban myth. There was a theory that they still existed somewhere in the West country, but few knew where, until now."

Stored in barns for more than 50 years, the motorcycles were discovered whole, in parts, and some were partially submerged under decades of dust, old machinery parts and household clutter. They belonged to the late Frank Vague, who was an avid member of the Brough Superior Club. He acquired the majority of the collection in the early 1960s.

Brough Superior motorcycles are rare, powerful machines of the pre-war era. Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, they're famed as the bike of choice for aficionados such as the playwright George Bernard Shaw, and T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, owner of eight models.

The ex-Hubert Chantrey,1932 Brough Superior 800cc Model BS4 Project, Registration no. GY 989 Frame no. 4004 Engine no. M131039 was sold for £331,900 inc. premium

Another high price was achieved at the Stafford Sale for a1939 Vincent-HRD 998cc Rapide Series-A Project - Registration no. GNU 148 Frame no. DV1699 Engine no. V1060, Sold for £270,300 inc. premium

And another motor cycle achieved a high price, the 1929 Coventry-Eagle 980cc Flying-8 OHV Registration no. WK 9146 Frame no. 41507 Engine no. KTOR/C/90460, sold for £163,900 inc. premium

Brough Motor Cycles were made in Nottingham and the Industrial Museum in Nottingham display several items connected with the firm.

Brough Superior Club :

Brough Superior Chantrey
Vincent HRD

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